Monday, August 22, 2011

There have been lots of times

I have been in this crazy biz for a little over 11 years (not including the time I had a free site courtesy of AOHell). And during that period of time there have been moments that I just wanted to fold up the tent .. close up shop ... shutter the windows. However you want to describe it.

Everything from several heart attacks (one of which included 19 days in the hospital, when someone I trusted walked away from me), venom spread by the unknowing to the ignorant, and the sh*tty economy to some days just being tired.

But also for one reason or another I didn't. And I am glad of that.

If you really want to know what keeps me going, what keeps this ol' mans heart pumping, is being involved in producing something like this photo. Not a bondage newbie, though she hasn't been in the biz that long, she's a sweet young bondage damsel who will rock your world.

If it wasn't for her, and others like her, I might probably be learning the phrase would you like fries with that burger, sir? But she is a part of my business life. I like it that way; and if the truth be known, she does, too.

This series will be on the sites soon


I'll let you know when that happens. That's a promise. To you .. and to her!

It has been forever

Yes, it feels like it has been forever since I posted here. A few days short of two years. And as we were updating the website, my webmaster (he of great talent and lots of patience) asked me if I wanted to continue it.

It was going to be a simple answer: no
But then I realized its history, nearly tens years ago with an blog called Rants and Ramblings. And decided that it ws time to give it another try.

There are many other places where you and read what is clearly either my words of wit or so much sh*t of which is my FetLife page.

However you have to be a FetLife member to go there. Not everyone is, but I am finding that more and more people are.

What I also have to do is to add a few photos to these updates; I think I have figured out how to do that .. but I'm not sure. Finding out how is on the list. Eventually I'll get to it.

Till then I'll just try to remember to stop by every so often and post a few thoughts.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Robert's Journal: If You Want To Have Some Fun

It's nice to have fun every so often. Today, there are two ways to have it ... one I am very familiar with, the other told to me by a friend.

First, the friend. Most folks at one time or another are late with some payment. Either the statement is buried beneath a pile of stuff on the kitchen table or, as has happened lately to more and more folks, it has been a tight month. And with that, one of those calls comes, the dreaded collection call. Before you do anything listen to what they have to say ... something like "this call is being monitored or recorded for quality control purposes."

And now the fun: tell whoever is calling that YOU are recording the call for similar quality control purposes and by staying on the line the purson calling is agreeing to the recording. Especially if it's Citibank or Chrysler Financial, maybe a few others, they will trip over themselves saying that Citibank (or Chrysler Financial) does not agree to recording the calls. (Someone want to explain the logic of why they want YOU to agree to monitoruing or recording the call but THEY won't agree to it??) The next bit of fun: tell them to please feel free to call back when they're ready to agree to recording of the call. And then hang up.

Oh, and then pay the bill (I'm not advocating not paying the bill, just having a bit of fun with the collection folks.) Plus savor the moment of a major company tripping all over themselves not wanting their collection calls being recorded.

They will stutter and stamor, and ask you if you don't intend to pay the bill. Of course you intend to; it's our way of doing things. We get credit, we pay our bills. That's how it works. Remember not to argue; be professional about it. Simply say that when they are ready to permit the call to be recorded, call back.

Now if you ask me whether you can really record it or not, I will give you a big, fancy "I dunno!". But that's not the point; it's a moment of the little guy wanting to do the same thing that the big guy does ... and watching the big guy squirm.

And another reason to pay your credit card bill? So you can have even more fun by joining us at Seven updates a week (actually, for at least the next few weeks, EIGHT updates a week ... but that's in the previous edition of Robert's Journal). More pix and minivids than you can shake a ... well, whatever you shake ... at it. And lots of fun ... and enjoyment.

Me? I'm going back to editing those pix and minivids ... that's my fun! Oh, and if it ever happens, remembering the phrase this call is being recorded for quality control purposes

Proprietor and Chief Pervert
BondgeDamsels/Steel Bondage

Monday, August 24, 2009

Robert's Journal: Eight Days A Week

We've been telling you that we update seven days a week. Well, we have to tell you that, at least for the next few weeks, we won't be doing that ... we'll be updating it EIGHT TIMES A WEEK.

(Though the Beatles coined the phrase eight days a week with one of their songs in 1964, more than 40 years later I still haven't figured out how to do that ... I mean, what would the eighth day be called? Instead, we'll just update twice in one day ... that makes sense to me!)

So if you're looking for a website with a TON of photos and vids
that is updated eight times a week
look no further ... you've found it!!

Proprietor and Chief Pervert
BondgeDamsels/Steel Bondage

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Robert's Journal: Can This Really Be Work?

I was working on the updates on BondageDamsels for the coming weeks .... grouping the photoseries together, editing and then uploading them to my webmaster (Hi, Lance!!) .. .picking out the vid clips with that same editing and uploading ... when I began to think: Is this really work?? At least the way tht work is often defined??

I mean, I know that there are folks out there who would ... well, give up their left you know what to do what I get to do each and every day. (I remember, not all that long ago, feeling that way as I viewed the pages on a now-defunct magazine, Bondage Life.)

And I often say that there are few people who really look forward to getting up in the morning and say woo hoo, I'm going to work. But ya want to know something very interesting?? That's almost how I view it, each and every day.

It hasn't been an easy process to get there, there were a few other things that had to be dealt with and eventually cast aside, and, yes, there are a few moments when I feel like that character who just wants to beat his head off of the keyboard ... repeatedly. Yet as every day goes by, I realize that I am probably one of the lucky few. All you have to do is take a look at the updates and I think you'll agree.

Okay, it IS work. But not in the sense that I have known it for more than ... well, let's just say a whole bunch of years.

And before I forget, dear reader, my thanks to you coming along for the ride. You have told me - when you purchase those memberships at the website and the minivids at clips4sale - that you are also enjoying it. Which also means that the part of it that is work is worthwhile! Foxy, Mandy K, Lola Lynn, Tawney, Payton, Christina Carter and many, many more await you!

Proprietor and Chief Pervert
BondgeDamsels/Steel Bondage

Robert's Journal: The Next Step Forward

When you're a proud member of a family of websites like the UnlimitedBondage Family, the bar is set very high. It's called Simply the Best! My job at BondageDamsels is to make sure that BondageDamsels IS the best of the best! It's a challenge, seven days a week, 365 days a year, but we're up to it. And when the website reaches and surpasses that goal, you - the visitor, the website member, and for many of you, the friend - reap the benefits.

Going back a few years (I've been doing this as a web site, both free and paid, for more than ten years) a site slogan was adopted.

The Eyes Have It

Each gallery featured photos that were close-ups of the damsel's eyes, the windows to her soul, her expression while in bondage, be it pleading for rescue, enjoying the moment, or often times both.

Not long ago, we took it one step further ...

The Tightest Bondage In Town.

It was and continues to be the best way to describe what you will find on these pages. A commitment made to you, the website member, day after day after day.

And now we've taken it another giant step ... the complete renovation of the website. And that's something that you don't want to miss.

So, sit back, relax (as best you can when you're viewing the tour pages of our DeaneDamsels in tight bondage), log into the FREE Members Area Tour and enjoy as my sweet damsels rock your world. And remember the promise from the website that strives to be the best of the best .... THE TIGHTEST BONDAGE IN TOWN1!!

Proprietor and Chief Pervert
BondgeDamsels/Steel Bondage

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tough Bondage at BondageDamselsClips

There's bondage ... then there's tough bondage, the kind where she can't move and can barely cry out. And when she does cry out, it's almost the sound of desperation.

What did she do to deserve this? It doesn't matter. Whatever it was ... and she will have plenty of time to figure that out ... there's no doubt that she won't do it again!

If what you want is watching a damsel pushed to the edge ... and then nudged even more ... you will want to add these clips to your collection. A soon-to-be-weekly feature at

BondgeDamsels/Steel Bondage